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Pioneers & Explorers

Pioneers & Explorers

  • We're a tech company built by tech people. That means we're product-focused and have the resources to develop new features quickly.
  • Join us on this journey as we add more advanced functionality tailored to your needs and feedback.
Privacy & Trust

Privacy & Trust

  • The only ethical search with no spying, tracking or profiling.
  • Personal, joyful and relevant search experiences that are GDPR compliant.
  • Restores customer trust to increase brand loyalty and return visits.
Limited Offer

Limited Offer

  • Exclusive price only available to our first 100 customers, guaranteed for 24 months.
  • Transparent pricing. No surprises or add-ons, the price you see is the price you pay.
  • Sign-up now, secure your place within our first 100 customers and enjoy 180 days for free.


  • Plug-and-play solution with a simple DIY set-up.
  • Ready to use and easy to manage.
  • Knowledge Hub and customer service team if you need help, but we don't think you will.
Beautiful search

Beautiful search

  • Irresistible, expressive and a beautifully designed search interface.
  • Powerful and intuitive search experiences that always bring back relevant results.
  • Cool analytics and easy-to-use tooling to fine tune and personalise your site search.
Culture & Talent

Culture & Talent

  • We create an environment that's nurturing, collaborative and supportive.
  • Led and empowered by a strong vision and purpose.
  • Our offices are a social space and we pride ourselves in attracting, and retaining, the very best talent.

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Trust & privacy by design

No spying or tracking of customers

No sharing of customer locations, devices or browser information and no storing or distributing of profiling data. A personal, enjoyable experience that rebuilds trust and brand loyalty.

Beautiful search experiences

Happy shopping

Engaging and customisable design with instant, relevant results so that your customers find what they’re looking for and keep coming back for more.

Plug & Play

Easy to install and configure

A ready to use, out-of-the-box solution. No coding or complicated configuring. Simply connect, set-up and go.

Control panel

Optimise your site search

Search insights, analytics and easy-to-use tools, all accessible from one central panel so you can personalise and fine tune your shop’s search experience.