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Your customers don’t need to share their data in order to have a beautiful search experience. Motive Commerce Search provides dynamic and intuitive search without relying on any shopper data. Futureproof your business against evolving regulations and say goodbye to tracking and spying with a privacy-first approach.

Motive Commerce Search builds a better dialogue between your customers and catalogue. Thanks to great features like synonyms, product boosting, similar products and more, shop owners can customise the search experience of their online store.

Customise the search experience

Easily install, configure and manage behind the scenes search functions. Add your logo, company colours and font to seamlessly integrate your brand identity into the search layer. Choose how results, product cards, the add to cart button and more are displayed. Define the filters your customers can apply to refine their searches as well as the fields they use to search for the products they want: by name, brand, reference, category, and more. You’ll have everything you need to easily integrate Motive Commerce Search into your online shop.

Privacy-first analytics

Find out what the most popular items in your catalogue are, the total searches in the last number of days or weeks, products you don’t stock that are being searched for and more. All this without collecting or tracking your customers’ information to make sure they get the privacy they deserve and your shop is future-proofed against ever evolving privacy regulations.

No coding needed

This ready-to-use plugin is available on Prestashop and WooCommerce. Its no-code design means you don’t need any technical knowledge to set-up or manage it. Once installed, easily manage your search and let us do the heavy lifting so you have more time to focus on the day to day business of running your shop. Motive Commerce Search gives you the search technology behind some of the biggest brands, but in a simple plug & play tool. It’s never been easier to offer unique shopping experiences based on privacy and trust.

Get the most out of your eCommerce shop

Boost sales by highlighting the most important products in your catalogue. Put promoted items at the top of the results page and remove products that are unavailable or out of stock. Show similar items for different searches, taking into account the different terms shoppers may use.

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Whether you’re using Prestashop or WooCommerce, the Motive Commerce Search plugin is easy to install.

In just 3 easy steps, your shop's new search will be up and running on your platform of choice and you’ll be offering unique shopping experiences to your customers on desktop, mobile and tablet.

If you’re not using Prestashop or WooCommerce but still interested in Motive Commerce Search, don’t worry. We’ll be on more eCommerce platforms soon.

To be the first to know when that happens, get in touch.

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