Commerce Search that respects customer privacy

A beautifully designed plug-and-play search experience built on trust.
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Search without the spying

No profiling data

Your shop doesn't need it to deliver enticingly relevant results, & shoppers are refusing to share theirs anyway.

No additional cookies

Function & freedom without trackers means less hassle for everyone.

Legally sound

Out of the box compliance with GDPR, CCPA & ISO privacy certifications.

Beautiful search experiences every time

Captivate your customers, build your brand
Engaging design

Motive Search fits seamlessly with your brand & engages your shop's visitors, who'll come back again and again.

Instant, relevant results

People who use Search buy more & with Motive Search's tools you can remove all barriers to the 'Buy Now' button.

Ready for everywhere

Motive Search is mobile ready & adapts to wherever your shop is accessed from.

Enjoyable management tools

With no coding skills required
Search insights

Give people more of what they're looking for using insights on the most popular & 'no results' searches.

Manage your search

Easy-to-use tools that allow you to manage Search synonym lists and the look & feel of your shop's Search.

Easy Plug & Play

Fast, efficient and easy to use. Quick installation of Motive Search in your online shop, log in and manage your Playboard - it's simple, powerful and incredibly intuitive.

It all started with Empathy

Since 2012 major brands have enjoyed Empathy's Search and Discovery.
Motive Search brings its impact to the masses.
Empathy kickoff

Join the movement of human-centred businesses with a trust-by-design ethos.

Joyful product Search & Discovery for your shop.
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