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Today, people are looking for the online experiences they love, without all the tracking, profiling and data collection. Brands need to re-build trust through creating shopping experiences that respect customer privacy. That means digital agencies need to offer their clients products and services that match these needs.

Partner Programme

With new government laws, GDPR infractions and data transfer violations hitting the headlines, people are beginning to take back control of their data and know their privacy rights. By joining our Partner Programme, you can get ahead of the trend, and give your digital agency the competitive edge when it comes to privacy and trust.

And you will join marketing experts and agencies like:

A powerful product for your clients

As well as leading the way when it comes to all things privacy, Motive Commerce Search offers shoppers a dynamic search experience while also giving shop owners powerful backend tools and customisations. Through our Partner Programme, you can help your clients achieve their goals, boost their sales and grow their businesses with a powerful search their customers will love and trust.

"A large share of purchases come from the search engine, either by direct searches or by suggestions and related products." Javier Trías, Manager and CMO at MeQuedoUno.

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The Benefits

Our Partner Programme gives you access to tailored resources and specialist assistance from the Motive.co team so you can give your clients the experience that matches the quality of your service. You’ll also be part of our partner community, where we share achievements and learn from each other. Benefits include:

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