Behind the scenes at Motive: team & culture

Behind the scenes at Motive: team & culture

It’s taken two years and finally we’re starting to return to a sense of normality, albeit a new normality, across all areas of our daily lives. And this also applies to our work routine. Since the pandemic began, remote work, quarantines, minimal time at the office and capacity control have all become a habit. 

That’s why it was so nice to bring some of the team together in person last week for the joint Empathy and Motive annual Kick off. The teams gathered in Gijon, A Coruna and Madrid with others connecting remotely to set the new strategy, align ideas and establish goals for the coming year. And, most importantly, to reconnect and regain that bond that makes us all part of one big family.

This was Motive’s first kick off where we celebrated the start of a new year with our sister company Empathy,  renewing our strength and enthusiasm. And, after our Soft Launch, what better way to remember who we are, what it means to be part of this company and to celebrate our talent and culture.

The team and culture that make us grow

The launch of Motive Commerce Search, the first ethical Search solution for all eCommerce shops regardless of their size, was one of the most important milestones we set in 2021 for the Motive team. And at this 2022 Kick off, we set the new goals and challenges that we want to achieve over the coming months. And, they’re even more ambitious than last year, if that’s possible! 

But, as always, none of these goals would be achievable without each of our team members. In just one year, we have doubled our forces. Nearly 50 tech experts are now part of Motive. Or, better put, Motive is growing thanks to 50 talented people who are ready to give their best -professionally and personally- to reimagine the commerce Search experience. 

We work for and with people in a stimulating, supportive and collaborative environment. One where kindness, empathy, honesty, fun, trust and respect are not compromised. Thanks to that, we can pride ourselves in attracting and retaining the very best talent and offering them a unique social space at our offices. 

The values where everything lays on

EVERYTHING we do at Motive is based on six fundamental pillars. And every team member has taken them as their own. 

  • Empathy. We put people at the very centre of everything. Whether we’re recruiting new team members or working with our customers or partners, this is one of our most important principles. We understand that we are all human beings, not just data, and we act accordingly.
  • Honesty. Motive Commerce Search is the first ethical search solution available to all eCommerce shops. And that commitment to respecting our customers' privacy is not just a nice thing to have. We are open, honest, and transparent. And we believe this is the only way to restore people's trust and brand loyalty.
  • Trust. Trust is everything. Whether we're talking about business, relationships, family... At least, that's what we believe at Motive and what we show in our eCommerce Search solutions, our dealings with customers and partners, and in the growth and consolidation of our team.
  • Understanding. We take Digital Empathy to heart. That's why we don't just strive to design simple, easy-to-use eCommerce tools for everyone. We also try to understand merchants and buyers’ needs. During our Beta phase and now, with our first 100 customers, we love to get involved in the process and work with our early customers to create an accessible world-class Search solution.
  • Joy. Almost 75% of the team is product-oriented. This means that a large part of the company enjoys innovating, discovering, and creating new functionalities as part of their day-to-day tasks. The ultimate goal? To make an ethical, beautiful and unique Search solution available to all types of shops.
  • Love. From a collaborative environment and a curious-minded team like ours, we get good ideas and market-ready products that exceed all expectations.

Motive is much more than the desire to bring and adapt high-end solutions to meet the needs of SMEs and businesses of all sizes. Motive is the connection and joining together of a vision, talent, experience, values... And in 2022 we’ll continue to build on what we’ve started and continue to grow and develop our team. Why not join us? Find out more here.