Introducing Motive: the new privacy-first commerce Search

Introducing Motive: the new privacy-first commerce Search

It’s a new year and for us there’s only one New Year’s resolution that really matters. To build the best online shopping experiences through a Search solution that creates more positive customer emotions and one that puts trust before anything else. 

That’s how we’re starting 2022 here at Motive. With the excitement and thrill of soft launching the first in our collection of tools for eCommerce. So, what’s it all about and why is it so important for us? Let us introduce you to Motive Commerce Search…

Motive and its commitment to ethics

Motive answers a growing need in the eCommerce industry to provide more joyful, reliable and inspiring shopping experiences without spying or using customer data. At Motive we want to challenge the current Privacy status quo.

For years, brands have used their clients’ personal information by tracking, profiling and sharing that data without any transparency or real consent. Data that doesn’t belong to them but to their clients. As time has passed, people have slowly started to question this practice. We’ve all become so used to it that many of us have forgotten that we do have a choice. Brands are now finally positioning themselves on the side of ethics and doing what’s right. Customers are also starting to understand that they have the right to decide what to do with their personal data.

Motive was born at this inflection point, to stand up for more ethical processes, to treat people as human beings not pieces of data. We want to help retailers rebuild trust with their shoppers. Because we believe it’s possible to offer advanced Search experiences that inspire and amaze but that also respect people as individuals and their undeniable right to privacy.

We have long perceived a growing demand from all types of businesses that want to provide brilliant Search experiences, without sacrificing customer trust or not respecting their privacy. And we’re not talking about a need for the future, we’re talking about a current need. That's Motive and today we’ve made this a reality.

The story behind Motive

All the goals we have set for 2022 and the great challenge of making brilliant Search experiences available to everyone wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have the right team. Motive is a tech company and behind the brand is a growing group of talented tech professionals. In fact, more than 75% of the team are focused on product development and design. Which explains our ability to constantly evolve and innovate.

But there is more than an exceptional team behind Motive. Although we’re only just launching our ready-to-use eCommerce solution, this isn’t completely new to us thanks to our sister company, We’ve built our expertise and our product on their ten years of experience developing world-class Search experiences. Our purpose being to bring and adapt these high-end solutions to the needs of SMEs and businesses of all sizes.

Motive Commerce Search

So what is Motive Commerce Search and why is it different? Well, it’s the first truly ethical, joyful, and expressive Search solution that’s available to everyone. That means all types of shops, big and small. What’s more, it’s a simple plug-and-play solution that doesn’t require any coding so within a few minutes retailers can connect, configure and start offering this brilliant in-store experience.

In practice, this means arriving at a shop and finding what you’re looking for, even if you didn't know what that was. It’s discovering relevant and inspiring results, enjoying the shopping experience and going back for more. This is Motive Commerce Search. And although we’re new, our early-access customers like Coalla, La Frikilería and Mequedouno are already enjoying this innovative Search experience.

In fact, we’re well on our way to our goal of welcoming our first 100 customers! But we’re not stopping there. During this soft launch period we want to keep on simplifying the installation and set-up process so that it’s even easier and completely self-service. We also plan to keep on innovating and improving our product over the next twelve months to add more features and extend the ones already available. Building on our analytics, search insights, instant relevant results and many other capabilities. We’ll keep you up to date in this newly launched blog where you can learn more about our trust-by-design ethos, why privacy is so important now, and of course, find out more about Motive, our team and our community.

Let's keep in touch!

Eunice C. Miranda, Business Owner at Motive.