Here’s why we’re proud to be sponsoring Balonmano La Calzada

Here’s why we’re proud to be sponsoring Balonmano La Calzada is based out of Gijón, a coastal city in the northern region of Asturias, Spain. We love it here, and love the sense of community you feel even in a city of this size. That’s why when the opportunity came up to sponsor the local women’s handball team La Calzada, we jumped at it. 

La Calzada and Motive have a lot in common. Their club and our company have a culture of caring for the community. We both care for the environment and of course, our employees, both in and out of work. We share pride in having our roots in Asturias while maintaining an international outlook. Let’s just say we’re a perfect fit. 

Local spirit with an international outlook 

This season, La Calzada will be taking that international outlook to another level as they compete in their first season of European competition. And it’s not just their first season in Europe, it’s the first time that any handball team from Asturias will compete in Europe - ever.  

But this historical moment should have arrived before it did. La Calzada had actually qualified for Europe before. Twice in fact. And while their on court performances have been firmly in their hands, receiving enough funding to play in Europe has been one of their biggest challenges to date. 

Our sponsorship was never dependent on European competition, but we have to say, we’re super excited they’ve made it, and are delighted to be playing a part in making this long term dream a reality. 

Not just a name on a jersey

We also love the fact that La Calzada are backing their local community. The team come from a working class neighbourhood, and our sponsorship isn’t just about putting our name on their jersey. The sponsorship will have a positive impact right across the club at all levels

La Calzada have a bunch of really great sporting, education and community initiatives. One of these is the Calzada Academy, where the players and families receive training and talks on violence prevention, drug prevention, healthy eating and living, gambling prevention and more. Another initiative is Equipo Sin Limites (A Team Without Limits) that aims to help those of functional diversity through sports and education. 

We wanted to add stability to the club and their initiatives, and we’ve committed to being the main sponsors for the next two seasons. By becoming the club’s main sponsor, we’re able to help them carry out these important sporting and community activities. 

Equal opportunities, no matter your gender

When our sister company first started out 10 years ago, much of the tech world’s workforce was male dominated. The company wanted to make sure they created an equal environment with equal opportunities for all employees - no matter their gender. Both Empathy and Motive are proud to be striving for gender equality in their workforce. 

This is another goal both Motive and La Calzada have in common. Both company and club are working towards breaking down the gender gap in our respective areas. Just another reason this sponsorship makes sense. 

Backing local to go international

Motive Commerce Search gives small to medium sized businesses the online search capabilities that were only previously available to bigger businesses at a fraction of the price. It’s an easy to use no code solution that helps SMEs grow their business. 

We want to back our local team in the same way that we’re backing local entrepreneurs with our product, and are delighted to announce that this season, Balonmano La Calzada will be competing under the name Gijón. ¡A por ello!