95% of consumers want their online privacy protected

95% of consumers want their online privacy protected

With regulation finally catching up to almost two decades of wild west data collection and privacy breaches, we wanted to understand  people’s attitudes towards their personal data and online privacy. 

We got in touch with research partner Perspectus Global, who helped us conduct a survey that would not just get the UK public's opinion on privacy, but also mark Motive.co’s hard launch into the market as the first privacy focused eCommerce search plugin for small to medium sized retailers. 

And it turns out Motive.co’s launch couldn’t be coming at a better time for retailers. A whopping 95% of Brits felt it important for their privacy to be protected online! The study also revealed the need for eCommerce brands to respect customer privacy with 8/10 (83%) people saying they had concerns about their data being tracked, captured and sold on to advertisers.

Where is your data most at risk?

After scandals like Cambridge Analytica, it’s no surprise that 72% of respondents said they felt their data was most at risk on social media. But our data uncovered an even more intriguing statistic: 33% of people said they felt their data was at risk on eCommerce sites, a key indication that eCommerce and privacy go hand in hand. (In the Spanish market, that number jumps to almost half (45%) of all respondents). 

If you think that’s bad, 67% said they had willingly left a website because of concerns about how their data might be used. This means that if you’re selling online, you could be losing almost two thirds of your customers because you’re not respecting their online privacy.

Don’t understand consent banners? You’re not alone

The consent banner was designed to help people take back control of their data. The idea seemed sound. A user would visit a website and be presented with a message asking them if they wanted to share their data or not. But what websites ended up designing was probably not what the EU had imagined. 88% of the people we surveyed said they find these consent banners annoying with 74%  finding privacy policies and consent banners difficult to understand. 

Our study suggests people are more confused by consent banners than helped by them as more than half (52%) don’t know what they’re agreeing to when they click on them. In another blow to the consent banner, 63% of people don’t even bother reading them.

At Motive.co, our solution to the consent banner is to not have one at all. We’ve built a technology that doesn’t track, tag or spy on visitors, meaning we can get rid of the consent banner altogether. If you can implement the same privacy-first mentality in your online store, our data suggests customers will more than appreciate it.

The future is a privacy first approach

At Motive.co, we think that shops of any size and budget should be able to offer their customers a shopping experience based on privacy and trust, and our eCommerce search plugin allows brands to easily build privacy into their online shops. 

We’ve found that you don’t need to track, tag or spy on people to offer a great shopping experience. A privacy-first approach helps break down these barriers between you and your customers while future-proofing your business for the inevitable new privacy regulations that governments have in the pipeline. 

Privacy-first doesn’t have to reduce functionality either. Motive Commerce Search provides shop owners great features like filters, synonyms, UI customisations, business rules, results visibility and more. All this in an easy to install, no-code plugin built on 10 years of experience from our sister company Empathy.co

Retailers looking to build trust through privacy can sign up to Motive Commerce search now.